Certification Division

The certification division of HUNGUARD Ltd. has been verifying the quality of various electronic signature and software products, information technology systems and hardware since 2002.

First time round, it was the minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications that appointed our company in 2002 under registration number 006/2002 as an organisation that is to inspect electronic signature products, which appointment was continuously renewed by the minister responsible for information technology at the given period. The National Accreditation Board (NAT) accredited HUNGUARD Ltd. under registration number NAT-6-0048/2011 as product audit institution from 2011-2015, then from 2015 our organisation received the same accreditation again under registration number NAT-6-0048/2015 (later NAH-6-0048/2015). In 2018 our accreditation was renewd under registration number NAH-6-0048/2018.

The professional requirements, regulations and standards that apply to the certification activities of Hunguard Ltd. (in Hungarian)