Product evaluation and certification

HUNGUARD Ltd. has a significant number of references and more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation and certification of software products. The evaluation of products is carried out by the Evaluation Division of our organization as a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Authority under the number NAH-1-1578/2021, while the issuance of certificates is the responsibility of its fully separate accredited Certification Division (the latest accreditation number of the product certification unit is NAH-6-0048/2018).

From the point of view of the scope (and also the methodology) of the assessment, a distinction must be made between the assessment of IT products and the assessment of IT systems. With regard to the target areas of the assessments, the accredited laboratory HUNGUARD Ltd. is a competent partner for its customers in several areas.

Security assessment

Some prominent areas of general software quality assessment of software products:

  • security assessment of network and mobile software applications
  • general security evaluation of products
  • security of electronic signature software products
  • Security of cryptographic software products (modules) (a specific area of security evaluation, as cryptographic methods can provide superior guarantees for confidentiality, integrity, authenticity over all other functional security requirements).

On the basis of accredited evaluations, HUNGUARD Ltd. certifies the following product groups:

  • software products implementing IT security functions,
  • electronic information systems implementing IT security functions,
  • closed electronic information systems,
  • digital archiving applications,
  • systems for electronic copying of paper documents,
  • electronic signature products,
  • electronic signature systems.