IT security expert activity

We help our partners with their work in a comprehensive manner that is not restricted to discussing technological questions. A few highlights are: high and low level regulations (i. e. IBP, IBS, IBSZ, RIBSZ, BCP, DRP, developing procedures for saving, archiving, and virus protection), assessment (i. e. risk assessment), quality assurance, and trainings. We assist our partners with preparing for the introduction to the ISO 27001 and with preparing their systems for an international assessment.

The professionals in our expert activity possess considerable experience and a CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) or CISM (Certified Information System Manager) certification, and have a broad knowledge of the different fields– pl. COBIT, ISO 27001 – belonging to information technology security.

At the same time, we invite our partners to note that in order to avoid impartiality or conflict of interest, we can not conduct evaluation and certification activities in the fields within the time limits set out in our terms and conditions.