System evaluation and certification

Hunguard Ltd., due to its successful work in recent years, boasts a high number of references and more than 20 years of expertise regarding the evaluation and certificating of IT systems. The evaluation of the IT systems is performed by our company’s Evaluation Division as a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board under registration number NAH-1-1578/2017, while the accredited Certification Division, completely independent regarding both operation and leadership, assumes responsibility for issuing the certificates.

Our professional expertise, and our compliance with the strict external and internal regulations guarantee that Hunguard Ltd. can live up to the highest of expectations where evaluation and certificating is concerned.  During our work, we pay close attention to the following:

  • professionalism regarding our inspections which must be based on a recognised methodology
  • independence form the developers and clients
  • objectivity
  • repeatability, meaning that by following the recommendations and regulations, a repeated inspection should most likely yield the same results
  • repeatability